Thursday, 23 February 2017

I'm Back....!?

Not sure how long this will last but lets give it another go eh!?

Again I've done a fair bit between posts!? West Highland Way Race...great success! Excelling expectation with about 24hr 40minutes. A near perfect run out, spent with a great group of supporters including Muzza, Dave Troman and Jack...of course not forgetting Karen who supported the whole endeavour! Hardmoors 110 (2015), another great day out, completed in just sub 30 hrs! Well pleased with that! Lakeland 100 (2016)...not so good. Suffered with sleep depravation and finished running with Karen who was on her Lakeland 50 completion. I finished in 36+ hrs and Karen in sub 20 hrs. Still a massively enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Been an odd few years moving house too often and never totally feeling settled, getting settled then moving on....Hopefully that's stopped for now having bought and 'settled' in Bentham, North Yorkshire.

Next on the list is another go at the Lakeland 100 and an attempt to do sub 32 hours, a long shot with my present level of training. Also a proper go at the Fellsman in April, having covered 20 odd miles as a training effort and recce with Karen last year. Then there's the small matter of a 7th Bullock Smithy and another crack at sub 11....another long shot.

So here's to my third attempt at the Man With No Shed blog.....still no shed but now with a permanent garage!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WHW Training Continues: February-March

Things have picked up! Had a good couple of months now, with two weeks of March remaining. I've managed to get a few good long runs done. Karen working in Keswick has really helped!

Started with a run over from Keswick to Ambleside of about 23 miles. Unfortunately I had a few issues coming over Greenup Gap. First the cloud was down which cause nav problems, it was raining so I got wet and cold. I ended up getting slightly mis-placed descending and wasn't sure where I was dropping off to Grasmere. Then I slipped on wet grass and think I cracked a rib. It wasn't a major problem as it happens and hasn't been subsequently.
Next I ran a 'Tour de Skiddaw' which I hoped was about 26-28 mile. As I got into it it became clear that it was shorter than hoped. When I got back into Keswick I decided to pop into a café and get a cuppa and a cake, then continue over to Braithwaite and round Swineside to extend to 26 miles!
Third long run was again 'Tour de Skiddaw'. This time I went over the top and dropped down Birkett Edge to the Dash, then onto to Mungrisedale via Skiddaw House.
Finally, the Big One! Inspired by a run I read about on Fleetwoods Long Mountain Challenges blog, which followed the Roman road from Penrith to Kendal, I got dropped off at Ings near Staveley. The idea was to go over Ill Bell, Thornthwaite Beacon and High Street, then down to Pooley Bridge. Finally I would follow the Lakeland 100 route back to Keswick. The day was gorgeous , sunny, not to warm and blue skies (...wish I'd taken the camera!). It was 20 miles to Pooley and I felt pretty good, keeping to a good, if not spectacular, pace. Had milk, chocolate and Hola-hoops, then off again. I basically followed the reverse Lakeland 100 route via Dalemain and Dacre, as best as I could. It started to become clear it was going to be further than I'd guessed! I tired as I headed towards Dockray, and struggled around the back of Little Man. I picked up after I managed to get fresh water from a caravan site though, and my pace was still fair. Once I got on the Old Coach Road I  realised I wasn't going to get as far as Keswick due to time and the excess distance. I wasn't ready to push to 44 plus miles just yet!! I decided sense over valour and the joys of a pint at 'the Sally' in Threlkeld while Karen finished her hair appointment and came to pick me up!! Another great day out! I love this training for a big event...a goal's a wonderful thing!!

Next up is a fair bit of training for work, and a trip to France and Belgium for Paris-Roubaix Race and a look around WWI war graves and stuff! Not sure how much long stuff I'll be getting in so I need to spot every opportunity in the rest of March and on to April! Still a lot of work to do!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

January 2014: The Road to the West Highland Way Race.

So...I've entered the west Highland Way Race in June!! There's work to do!! With that in mind I've begun. I have had an issue since my last post....a slipped disc!! I think I'm pretty much recovered, mild muscular niggles, but otherwise fine. So I've began training in a steady way, walking mainly. I've managed three 20 milers, including a couple over the course with Karen. Not quick pace but steady walking. I've now covered the whole route between running as a supporter in 2012 with my mate Muzza and doing a couple of recce walks early in January and a shortened trip this week. We'd intended completing the course for Karen, but the weather defeated us and also spoiled our Wedding Anniversary trip to the Clachaig Inn down Glencoe in the process. We'd devised a slightly complicated route through because we had completed the middle section, Crainlarich to Glencoe previously, and because of the time of year accommodation was limited. Basically we walked 20, 23 and 7 miles to get to Crainlarich. Then caught the train back to Milngavie to pick the car up with the intention of travelling to the Clachaig, staying overnight, then heading to Fort William to get the bus back to Kingshouse. Unfortunately due to heavy snow we couldn't get beyond the Black Mount turn up to Rannoch Moor! We retreated to Tyndrum to find somewhere to stay. Not great!!! Next day we set off to try again. This time the car played up, losing power going up out of Tyndrum. Trip over! I didn't want to push it trying to get up to Kingshouse with more bad weather predicted and a defective car too! Still I pretty much achieved what I wanted, even if Karen, unfortunately didn't.

In addition to the West Highland Way recces, we've done a bit around Ingleton. Walked all three of the Yorkshire Three Peaks ( separate walks!), had a 16 miler up Gragareth and 14 mile over Ingleborough and Whernside. I've also done a good 20 run/walk out from Keswick.

I'm not as far on as I'd like, so its time to pick it up!! Hopefully work and life isn't going to get in the way too much. Its going to be a balancing act but the goal's there.....

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Review!!!

Its been a while. Due partially to lost passwords and lost e-mail address, and life/work changes going on. But mainly due to my tardiness. My last post was just before I did the Jura Race! I had a lot to tell after that! Beautiful weather, great whiskies, glorious islands and the mainland as we travelled north. Oh! and a great race too! There are photo's which, when I do overcome my tardiness, I while post.
Since then? Not sure!! Lakeland 50 twice, both of which I really enjoyed. Bullock Smithy twice!!! (Blimey! It really has been a long time!) I also did Buttermere Horseshoe - Darren Holloway Race which was also a great event, well organised. Plus a myriad of training runs, walks and cycle rides! We spent time in Copenhagen, Greece and have just returned from France.
The intention now is to return to more regular 'blogging'!! I might even expand on the above...who knows!! :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Odd couple of Weeks

It has indeed, been an odd couple of weeks! Have'nt actually ran for two weeks. Done a bit at work, in the gym and thats been it! I had a couple of days to get over the Ennerdale recce, then went to Killin, up in Scotland to celebrate my 50th!! The intention being to do a longish run up Ben Lawers, but the weather wasn't great and we had to drive up and drive back. Missed a couple of opportunities while on my four days on ( work). Now I've been sorting stuff for our trip to Jura and the north!!!

Really excited about the Jura Race and our trip generally!! So much so, that for once, I/we are organised. Everythings packed and I'm sat at 6 o'clock, eating my porridge and hoping to be out, on the road, for half past!!! With that in mind, I'd best get on.......